GCSE Courses in London

One Year GCSE / IGCSE retake Courses

One year GCSE courses are equally suitable for students who wish to retake their GCSEs, or for students who wish to raise their grades and for those who have never taken GCSE before and wish to do so in one year.  These courses would also suit those who have been home-educated as a final preparation for the examinations.

IGCSE examinations are favoured by the leading independent schools as a harder test and as a better preparation for AS and A levels.  The questions tend to be more traditional in style and we offer most subjects in this format.

Eighteen Month GCSE courses

A January start means that students don’t waste time waiting until September to start a course. This course particularly suits international students whose academic year in their country ends in December.

Students can take some exams in June if they are ready and study more subjects in the following year or wait and take all exams the next year.

January - June GCSE courses

This course is for students who prefer to start in January rather than September. It suits students who already have a good knowledge of the subjects; usually they have taken GCSE/IGCSE in the subject before and wish to improve their grades. If students have not yet taken a GCSE equivalent exam but they have a strong background in the subject they may be able to take their GCSE exams in June and progress to A Level from September.

Subjects available at GCSE & IGCSE:

Subject GCSE/IGCSE Board Code
Arabic*** GCSE Edexcel 1AA0
Art & Design (Fine Art) GCSE AQA 8202
Art & Design (Photography) GCSE AQA 8206
Biology IGCSE Edexcel 4BI1
Business IGCSE Edexcel 4BS1
Chemistry IGCSE Edexcel 4CH1
Computer Science  GCSE  AQA 8525
Economics IGCSE Edexcel 4EC1
English Language IGCSE Edexcel 4EA1
English as a Second Language IGCSE Edexcel 4ES1
English Literature IGCSE Edexcel 4ET1
French IGCSE Edexcel 4FR1
Further Pure Mathematics  IGCSE Edexcel 4PM1
Geography IGCSE Edexcel 4GE1
History IGCSE Edexcel 4HI1
Mathematics IGCSE Edexcel 4MA1
Music* GCSE  AQA 8271
Physics IGCSE Edexcel 4PH1
Russian*** GCSE Edexcel 1RU0
Spanish IGCSE Edexcel 4SP1

All subjects are available for our GCSE retake courses. Other subjects, for example foreign languages, are available on request, normally through private tuition.

*Subjects marked with an asterisk are new and will run according to demand.
*** indicates that these subjects may be taught outside of the normal timetable (eg weekends) 

Please contact us to arrange a consultation for our GCSE retake course. Out of a crisis comes an opportunity and at David Game College we motivate and re-energise students to think again and take themselves forward to success.


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