Educational Awards

David Game College is delighted to launch its Educational Award Programme for our enrolled students.

Each September a scholarship fund of up to £5000 will be distributed to A Level students who have successfully gained places at top British universities.

These Educational Awards are designed to recognise our high-achieving A Level students and to assist towards the costs of their university studies. For GCSE students who return to study A Levels with us we will award up to a 50% scholarship for those who achieved 5 A/A*s (7,8,9 grades) in their subjects timetabled at the college.

In September 2023 Educational Awards will be available in these areas:

  • The David Game Educational Award in Science or Medicine
  • The David Game Educational Award in the Arts and Humanities
  • The David Game Educational Award the Social Sciences and Law 
  • The David Game Educational Award for Outstanding Achievement

Students cannot apply for these awards and the Co-Principals will decide the recipients of these awards.