University Careers & Advice

Preparing every student for life after A levels is very important to us so each student is given a personalised programme of support. The vast majority of students (99%)  go on to a university of their choice, but a few decide that they may wish to enter work, and we support them in this career choice.

All university applicants will be individually guided through the process; students needing several one-to-one sessions with our Director of Studies will be granted these - there are no group sessions.  A typical programme of support would include:

  1. Careers advice
  2. Personal statement preparation
  3. Support with applying for work experience (CV and covering letter writing)
  4. Mock interviews and feedback
  5. Advice on preparing for admissions and aptitude tests, such as BMAT, UKCAT, LNAT or Oxbridge entrance tests
  6. How to handle MMI interviews
  7. Arranging visits to university fairs and open days

This ensures each student will make a strong application.  David Game is extremely successful in placing students in the top British universities, with over 63% going to Russell Group universities in the last few years.

Personal statement

Some students find it difficult to write a personal statement.  Students at David Game are supported individually throughout the process and encouraged to think carefully about why they are applying for a particular course and the career that may follow. The College is skilled at encouraging and guiding students in constructing a narrative about them that truly reflects their experience and interests and concisely explains why they may wish to study a specific subject.

Careers Advice

All A level and GCSE students have access to our careers service.  This can be one-off advice or a series of sessions.  Internships have included legal and financial firms in the City of London, and design and fashion in London's fashion houses. Students have also had placements in hospitals and medical centres. Many of our students find challenging and fulfilling work experience placements after receiving support with their CV writing and interview skills. At GCSE level, the Assemblies are used to provide insights into various career options and students are encouraged to start reading about job roles and functions. The careers advice at A level is largely undertaken by the Director of Studies (DoS) who steers students in the right direction and highlights literature that can be accessed to help make more informed decisions. The DoS also works closely with teaching colleagues who can further explain what is entailed in careers such as pharmacy, pharmacology, actuarial science, engineering or the media.

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