Added Value

ALIS Testing

ALIS is a target-setting system run by the CEM centre at Durham University.  It is used by many schools and colleges to calculate subject-specific and up-to-date targets for both AS and A2 level subjects based on a student’s GCSE average score. For international students who have not taken GCSE examinations, there is a specially adapted ALIS system which will enable us to calculate potential AS and A level grades. A statistical model is then produced that fits the data. This model is then used to produce targets that reflect actual performance in previous years in the specific examination subjects that students are taking.

The targets take the form of a grade and a score. The grade reflects the potential final grade and the score gives a measure of current performance in relation to that target.

Yellis Testing

Yellis for ages (14-16) run by the CEM centre at Durham University.

Yellis (Year 11 information System) is designed to measure the underlying potential, progress and achievement of students aged 14-16. Students are tested using a computer based adaptive test. Students can work through the baseline tests at a level consistent with their ability - not distracted by questions which are too easy or frustrated by anything too hard. The results of these tests help teachers understand a student’s literacy, numeracy and cognitive skills. They also get a rough estimate of a predicted grade or 'baseline grade'.