Applications to Oxford and Cambridge

At David Game College, we have been very successful in sending students to both Oxford and Cambridge.

We identify as early as possible potential candidates and will support them through their application and interview.  If a student is interested in applying to Oxbridge we will make sure they have the right A level subject combination and nurture their passion for the subject they want to study at degree level.

Supporting Oxbridge Applicants

Under the supervision of the Director of Studies, students are given specific tutoring for their Oxbridge application.  Students will be encouraged to go beyond the syllabus with their reading.  They will be expected to act more independently in their studies and become more critically aware.  They will engage with their chosen subject outside school so that it becomes part of their life.  Students are encouraged to take part in summer schools and to develop hobbies or work experience that are subject related.

What are Oxford and Cambridge looking for?

  • An enquiring and questioning mind
  • An analytical and logical thinking style
  • A proven academic record at GCSE
  • Self-motivation and wide reading outside class
  • Ability in and passion for the chosen subject

For students who wish to apply to Oxford and Cambridge universities we offer continual support, mock interviews and private tuition.  Applications through UCAS need to be in by 15 October, three months earlier than for other degree courses. We will ensure you are prepared in time.

Open Days at David Game College

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