Personal Tutors

The College has developed a highly effective personal tutor system that works closely with staff to ensure that students’ academic and pastoral needs are monitored and appropriate actions taken were necessary. The system is part of the wider monitoring system that takes a holistic approach to ensure students make progress and hit necessary targets. Personal tutors review a range of matters, including: attendance and punctuality, tests results, teachers’ concerns, and general observations regarding attitude and motivation.

The focus of the personal tutor system is to provide a caring and supportive environment in which students can talk about issues that may affect them. Equally, personal tutors engage with teachers to seek feedback about the academic progress of their students and what areas need addressing or improving.  For the gifted and most able students, the personal tutors ensure that such students are challenged and stretched. For those students who are coasting and not fulfilling their true potential, encouragement is provided and targets set for tests and general progress. For those students who are falling behind, for whatever reasons, the personal tutors work closely with staff and parents to ensure appropriate interventions occur and individual targets are set.  Literacy and numeracy are highlighted, especially for GCSE students, and the College provides support for those students who struggle in mathematics and those who need extra help with English language.

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