One Year Intensive A Level

Our one year intensive A level retake course is carefully designed to ensure that all topics are taught in detail, assuming no previous knowledge, but with a much sharper focus on the demands of the examination than you may have been accustomed to in the past. For over 40 years we have specialised in helping students who have obtained disappointing exam results to regain their confidence and gain the grades they need for progression to the university course or career of their choice.

We ensure that plenty of time is spent on answering and reviewing relevant past examination questions.  Regular homework, timed tests and trial examinations, together with frequent and detailed analysis of mark schemes and examiners' reports, ensure that by the time the examination season approaches you will be thoroughly prepared and confident.

Our highly experienced staff will be able to:

  • diagnose any gaps in your knowledge
  • improve your knowledge base in each subject
  • improve your comprehension of difficult topics
  • develop your powers of memory and recall
  • improve your examination technique
  • ensure you understand the examination specifications and instructions and what is required of you
  • give you the confidence needed to improve on your past performance

When retaking A levels, it is a good time to rethink your options and some students decide to drop certain subjects or change exam boards, all of which can considerably affect the final outcome.

Subjects available at A level;

Subject Board AS Level Code A Level Code
Accounting** AQA - 7127
Art & Design (Fine Art) AQA - 7202
Art & Design (Photography) AQA - 7206
Art & Design (Textile Design) AQA - 7204
Biology Edexcel 8BI0 9BI0
Business AQA 7131 7132
Chemistry Edexcel 8CH0 9CH0
Computer Science AQA 7516 7517
Economics AQA 7135 7136
English Literature OCR H072 H472
Film Studies  WJEC  B670QS A670QS
French AQA 7651 7652
Further Mathematics** Edexcel 8FM0 9FM0
Geography Edexcel 8GE0 9GE0
History AQA 7041 7042
Mathematics** Edexcel 8MA0 9MA0
Music AQA - 7272
Music Technology Edexcel  8MT0 9MT0
Philosophy** AQA - 7172
Politics** Edexcel 8PL0 9PL0
Physics AQA 7407 7408
Psychology AQA 7181 7181
Russian Edexcel - 9RU0
Sociology AQA 7191 7192
Spanish Edexcel - 9SP0

*AS level only 

** indicates that the new linear style A Level codes are shown. Students needing to retake the AS or A2 in one of these subjects would be taught on the legacy syllabus. Retake classes in these subjects will run according to demand.

Other subjects, for example, foreign languages, are available on request, normally through private tuition. All subjects are also available in our one year intensive a level retake course.

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