18 Month January A Level Course

David Game College is one of the few colleges in London to provide an 18-month A level course, which allows students the opportunity to start the course in January, studying AS units through to June (second of five terms), and the A2 component from September through to June of the following year.

The College is particularly skilled and experienced at delivering such courses and our teachers are used to accommodating the needs of students whose circumstances make a September start difficult.

From January to June, students complete the AS level qualification for each subject, and will normally have up to 8 hours per subject. The teachers at David Game are all experienced in understanding and communicating exactly what is required by the examiners in order for top grades to be secured. They provide students with past exam papers, model answers and examiners' reports. This holistic approach optimises the student experience at the College. The level and depth of A2 learning requires students to build upon the concepts learnt previously at AS level.

The College has a Director of Studies whose dedicated role is to assist students in securing the course and university of their choice. Our Director of Studies provides guidance on courses available at suitable institutions and helps students in the preparation of their UCAS application. Furthermore, guidance is also provided on interview techniques and preparation for any necessary aptitude tests, for example UKCAT, BMAT or LNAT.

In short, the 18-month A level programme has all the benefits of a full 2-year programme, but has the necessary flexibility for students unable to commence as A level programme in September for whatever reason. For example, if you started an AS or A level course at another UK school or college in September but you are now considering a change our 18-month programme could be the perfect solution for you. These courses are tailored to take into account that five terms (as opposed to six) are spent covering the complete A level without compromising the quality or intellectual depth of learning and studying required.

Subjects available at A level;

Subject Board AS Level Code A Level Code
Accounting** AQA - 7127
Art & Design (Fine Art) AQA - 7202
Art & Design (Photography) AQA - 7206
Art & Design (Textile Design) AQA - 7204
Biology Edexcel 8BI0 9BI0
Business AQA 7131 7132
Chemistry Edexcel 8CH0 9CH0
Computer Science AQA 7516 7517
Economics AQA 7135 7136
English Literature OCR H072 H472
Film Studies  WJEC  B670QS A670QS
French AQA 7651 7652
Further Mathematics** Edexcel 8FM0 9FM0
Geography Edexcel 8GE0 9GE0
History AQA 7041 7042
Mathematics** Edexcel 8MA0 9MA0
Music AQA - 7272
Music Technology Edexcel  8MT0 9MT0
Philosophy** AQA - 7172
Politics** Edexcel 8PL0 9PL0
Physics AQA 7407 7408
Psychology AQA 7181 7181
Russian Edexcel - 9RU0
Sociology AQA 7191 7192
Spanish Edexcel - 9SP0

*AS level only 

** indicates that the new linear style A Level codes are shown. Students needing to retake the AS or A2 in one of these subjects would be taught on the legacy syllabus. Retake classes in these subjects will run according to demand.

Other subjects, for example, foreign languages, are available on request, normally through private tuition. All subjects are also available in our one year intensive a level retake course.

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